Alsamixer: Command Line Volume Control for Linux

So you’ve just booted up into your brand new install, you’re using a lightweight WM or maybe no X at all. You’re bragging to your friends about the >40mb of ram you’re using to run your entire system and everything is great in the world until, alas, everything is too quiet! Suddenly you’re in a cold sweat, what does one do without an easy little volume widget in the right hand corner of their desktop?

Never fear, alsamixer is here! Try it, run alsamixer in a terminal. You’ll be presented with a nice interface for overall volume control whether you have X running or not.

From here you’ll be able to tune your headset and mic volume as well as an assortment of other interfaces your machine may or may not have.

This is dependent on your distrobution of choice using the ALSA interface for sound devices, but most distros ( Slackware being one of them ) still do. ALSA or the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture is the more popular and older of the current Linux sound frameworks, it was initially released in 1998 and is still in widespread use today.

For some further reading on ALSA check out it’s wikipedia page over here or it’s homepage over here.

You can now go back to scoffing at the need for a fully featured Desktop Environment and touting your command line mastery, while being able to hear your tunes. Type on terminal junkie, type on.