Alternate Source of Slackware Linux Packages: SalixOS

I was browsing around the Slackware forums over at this afternoon and I came across an interesting topic.

It seems there is a distro based on Slack that I’d never heard of before named SalixOS and they only build packages that are fully backwards compatible for mainstream Slackware.

You can check out their repo mirrors over here:

So if you’re in a pinch and just can’t wait for that compile, or can’t find what you need in Slackware extras or Slackbuilds then check out the SalixOS repositories. It’s awesome to see these guys taking the effort to make sure their packages are usable by a wider audience than just their own users. If the entire community could cooperate that well I wouldn’t have to know about 10 different package formats just to work on all the distros I come across.

So  make sure to check them out at and if you use their packages on your Slack box I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a nice thank you in their forums or IRC!