Beautify Your Emacs With ColorTheme

The default emacs setup in most any distro is usable. A minimum amount of code highlighting packages and a semi readable color layout. But once you’ve spent some time with the editor you may want to switch it up to something a bit more your style. Cue ColorTheme, the emacs theme package with about 50 preloaded themes that also enables you to easily build your own ( and grab others on the net for that matter ).

The EmacsWiki entry for ColorTheme is over here and the official homepage is over here. If it doesn’t come pre-installed in your distro you can download the latest release from the projects savannah page.

If you are installing it yourself make sure to put it in your .emacs.d and load it with something like:

(require ‘color-theme)

Where robin-hood is in this case the theme.

You can look around and test the different themes out with M-x color-theme-select or from the tools menu under ColorTheme.

Try a few out, just remember to change it in your .emacs config so they stick. If you have any awesome custom ColorTheme themes let me know, I’d love to do a post with cool community ones.