Set a Wallpaper That Survives Reboots in Slackware Linux

If you’re using KDE, GNOME, XFCE or any other full desktop environment you probably have a right-click “set as background” option that handles this for you. However if you’re on Fluxbox,  DWM, AwesomeWM, TWM or another lightweight window manager this tip might be helpful for you.

The command we’ll use is the fluxbox wallpaper command fbsetbg, it should work across almost all other window managers however.

Usage is simple:

fbsetbg mywallpapername.jpg

However that wallpaper won’t survive a reboot and you’ll be back with a blank screen the next time you need to power down. To make it permanent we can use fbsetbg -l (which automatically sets the last wallpaper set with the command) in our ~/.xinitrc.

So for example a minimal .xinitrc to launch fluxbox with our wallpaper could look like:

exec fbsetbg -l &

exec fluxbox

It’s simple but elegant. Since the last wallpaper set will always be restored on the start of X you’re free to change it as much as you want without updating anything.

There are several other cool things you can do with fbsetbg covered in it’s help output and man pages. Go forth and experiment!